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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Black Power


Anonymous said...

Whether or not being gay, men or women, or whoever,how can someone watch a gorgeous young man like that,smooth skinny, angelical face, without wondering and reflecting: "uau! is there something about in this world i hadn't still known until i realize i was living under the dark shadows of my sad and shorty white world??". By the way (no critic here), i cant imagine a boy like that as a 'slave'. More than all, he is a black Prince lying in his green grass garden.

Anonymous said...

any guy here is a slave, all is freedom, if you don´t knoW, BDSM is only a fetish, is one way to pleasure, BDSM is a play, and if you don´t know, have many blogs about BDSM with whites been slave, and many blogs and videos about blacks on white, please, I hope you don´t been a dump guy

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